Experiential Marketing – What you need to know

So you have heard about experimental marketing, but do you know the prime goal behind experimental marketing? Well, you have probably guessed it right; it’s about improving the customer engagement levels through various events or competitions that they can relate to.

This kind of interaction, if executed correctly, will indefinitely create a strong and lasting bond between your brand and your targeted audience. If you wish to target “Customer Lifetime Value”, then experimental marketing can help you a lot since the effect will be long-lasting. So What Does It Look Like Exactly? Well, frankly speaking, there is no hard and fast rule to plan your experimental marketing campaign. You just need to come up with something that makes sense regarding your brand.

With a limited budget, you can try something modest or low-key marketing techniques like product demos or free samples. You can just set up a pop-up booth at a good location and surprise your customers with these. You can also put up a booth at a trade show or event. This can really attract a lot of attention.

These are definitely some helpful techniques to make your customers convinced about your product. But with the recent development of technology, the execution of experimental marketing campaign has gone to a new level. Thanks to the experience created by virtual reality, you can incorporate elements that can truly make the customer understand what your product offers. This is surely a game-changer!

Traditional marketing vs. Experimental marketing

We all know that traditional marketing has its own set of limitations. This is quite evident because you can only create so much of an immersive experience for your customers. But on the other hand, the experimental marketing techniques give brands the opportunity to create authentic and original content that can penetrate a wider base of digital audiences. One can use mediums like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other useful and popular digital and social outlets. On these platforms, you can use video, imagery, and more to launch an experiential campaign that can present itself right at your customer’s fingertips.

But Why Should You Take The Risk Of Trying It At All? Of course, trying out something new involves some risk factors. So why should you try it at all? Well, this type of marketing campaign has to be fun and creative and must make your customers excited about the brand. And believe me; all of it will surely pay off! Because it will give them such an immersive experience that will stay for long. Your campaign will be in front of them, right on their mobile phones, even if they are stuck in some traffic. Once such an experience is delivered, a strong bond between the customer and the brand is bound to happen.

How To Plan Your Experiential Campaign?

For better execution, you need a solid plan and actionable strategy for your campaign. Firstly, you need to decide your budget for the campaign. This will be dependent upon the size and the scope of the campaign you are willing to go for. The planning stage might seem time-consuming and tedious, but, you need to be patient since, without it, your campaign isn’t going anywhere. Next, you need to chalk out the overall strategy of the campaign.

You need to have an expert team that can carry out this job on multiple levels. The best way to do this is to sit together and work towards the strategy to reach a common goal. Once you have the budget and basic objective chalked out, you can now move on to the execution part. Since you will be working with a big team, it’s imperative that everyone stays on the same page. They should work towards the goal without setting false expectations.

The chain of command should be in place to ensure the well-execution of the campaign. Also, make sure you have the right staff in place based on the event you are planning. You might require specialized personnel for a particular event which should be sorted out beforehand. Without proper staff, not only there will be a chance for your campaign to go completely berserk, but you will also create a bad impression before your customers. So keep well-organized right from the beginning.

So what’s your strategy for an experimental marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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