Experiential Marketing with Interactive Technology

Experimental marketing is crossing new boundaries every day and it wouldn’t have been possible without interactive technology. At present, one cannot be imagined or executed without the other. Since setting up a technologically equipped booth in exhibitions and events can draw a lot of attention, more and more brands these days are looking into new technological avenues to incorporate into their marketing strategy.

In this post, we are going to look at some of these new and exciting interactive technologies that can facilitate your experimental marketing campaign.

Wi-Fi Zone Tracking / Event Analytics:
First, we have a Wi-Fi Zone tracking system. This can be used as a valuable event analytics tool. When a device like the iPhone uses the WiFi facility, it sends out a probe request that contains information like its MAC address and also the approximate distance between the phone and the router. One can use this information to see who is within the range and for how long. For your event, this information can be truly valuable as you can receive insight about people and their engagements right to the place, time, and duration.

Creative Photobooths:
Photobooths are always a hit at events and if you can be a bit more creative then you can profit from it even more. You can use different ideas like:

• A centralized photo booth that can capture the environment and everything in it.
• A socially Integrated Photo Booth with DSLR.
• You can make it better with Augmented Reality Integration.
• How about 360 perspective and bullet time effects?
• Create engagement with socially shareable photo experiences and games.

Social Vending:
Social vending machines can be really handy for your marketing campaign. You just have to place them in well-thought-out locations to connect with your consumers in day-to-day life. You can exchange social currency for physical items in the real world. Think about what your brand offers and as per that your vending machine could contain the items appropriate to your particular demographic.

Intelligent Recognition / Connected Experiences:
This new technology can give you the facility to project augmented displays over faces, or recognize an individual by their face or presence in an event space.

Arduino / Raspberry Pi Integrations:
Most of the gadgets that you see on exhibitions like LED light tunnels to robots contain an Arduino or raspberry pi integrated into the mix. Basically, they are just cool little 25 dollar computers that can be custom programmed to do just about anything.

Radiofrequency chips are also quite cool. You can do a bunch of things with them regarding proximity and movement as well as tracking behavior. For example,
• You can track any user’s movement through an event space to control a visual component.
• Awestruck your visitors by using it to open doors or pathways in an event.
• You can create permission-based systems base on this.

Custom Made Applications:
Custom made applications allow you to create beautiful things and add magic to your campaign. Be it an iOS device, Android, or anything else, you can easily get valuable insights about your consumers by letting them explore a game or visual experience.
3D Printing:
Want to give your customers freebies? Well, you can install 3D printing systems and let them create their own additions to your products or services. This can be a great option to attract kids and print their own toys.

Interactive Games and Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is one of the most appealing technological advancements we have these days. But what if you can integrate it with interactive games? Sounds interesting?
This new technology is now being integrated into events such as Racing Sleds, VR, Basketball, Drone Racing, Video Games, E-Sports, Social Media Contests, leaderboards, brainwave headsets, and more. Some other examples include Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift and Red Bull Air Race, XBos Racing Sled and Red Bull NACS, Red Bull NACS 2015, The vintage S.N.E.S at the Adobe Max Conference, Adobe Max Conference Experiential Marketing and Brand Activation, and Interactive Games for YouTube, etc.

So what is your favorite interactive technology to integrate with your experimental marketing strategy? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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